De-stress with a mini pedi

DIY mini pedi at home

1. Get your tools ready, you will need a bowl with warm water, towel for the floor, towel to dry your feet, nail scissors, nail file (not metal, they are too damaging), nail polish remover, cuticle clippers, cuticle remover, cuticle stick, callous remover, body scrub and body oil

2. Remove polish

3. Soak your feet in warm water with body oil for at least 5 minutes

4. Trim nails with scissors, remember to cut straight across so that you keep the sides of your nails straight to discourage ingrown toe nails

5. Apply cuticle remover and push cuticles back with a cuticle stick, Lycon callous remover doubles as a cuticle remover

6. Trim cuticles with cuticle clippers, being careful to remove only the skin which has been loosened by the cuticle remover

7. Use a combination of body scrub and callous remover with a foot file on the rough parts of your feet any body scrub will do, however we use and recommend Eminence Coconut Sugar Scrub, known for its ancient healing properties coconut contains high levels of antioxidants and hydrators to restore your skin, leaving it soft and supple. Apply body scrub to the rest of your feet and legs add some water and massage with a loofah

8. Rinse and dry your feet and legs

9. Massage extra oil into your feet and legs, you can use any oil, we recommend Eminence Wildflower Ultralight oil, which is absorbed completely and won't leave a slippery residue on your feet this oil can be used on skin, hair and nails, and is great to treat dryness during winter

9. Wipe nails with polish remover using a tissue or makeup remover pad

10. Apply base coat, 2 coats of colour starting at the same toe each time and top coat, use toe separators if toes are close together for ease when painting. If polish gets on your skin remove by dipping a cuticle stick with a small amount of cotton wool into the polish remover, never double dip into any products

Don't neglect your feet during winter and your feet will be ready for sandals when the warmer weather arrives!

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