Your at home skin care

For best results between facials continue your skin care at home following these guidelines

1. Use a washer and warm water to cleanse your skin, change the washer regularly

2. Don't have the water too hot in the shower or concentrate the water on your face and

décolletage as this can cause broken capillaries and dehydration

3. Your skin shouldn't feel tight after cleansing, if it does your cleanser could be too drying

4. Toner containing alcohol will dry your skin out

5. Use a day cream every day to protect against the elements and pollution

6. Protect you skin from sun damage by wearing a sunscreen every day even in winter

7. Cleansing twice at night is best for a thorough cleanse

8. Be aware that products with the first listed ingredient as water won't be as active

9. If you don't already have regular facials, you should add a monthly treatment to your ritual

10. Ask us about our no obligation free skin consultation

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